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Using theses

Theses and dissertations form a body of original and advanced research into many academic disciplines and could be a useful resource for your own research. They are required for Masters or Doctorate Degrees in the UK (eg MPhil., PhD) and can number from approximately 10,000 to 100,000 words. They should have all the apparatus of academic reports that are necessary, such as abstract, contents, introduction, research methodology, conclusions and an extensive bibliography.

Copies of theses completed for PhD and some Masters degrees are usually kept in the university library of the awarding body. There are a range of tools to help you locate relevant theses which are outlined in the following pages.

If you consult a thesis or dissertation during your research you should remember that:

  • The copyright is held by the author and most university libraries require researchers to sign a copyright declaration before consulting a thesis.
  • The regulations governing the photocopying of theses can vary in different institutions, you should ask at the library.
  • You should obtain the prior written consent of the author if you wish to quote from a thesis, or use information derived from it, in a publication.
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