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UKOP : United Kingdom Official Publications

You can access UKOP by means of the link below, remember that this is a subscription database and therefore only available if your institution has subscribed. Ask a member of library staff, if necessary they will supply you with a username and password.

UKOP : United Kingdom Official Publications

The search screen

Search screen in UKOP

This search screen enables you to:

  • Conduct a 'Flexible search', which searches for related meanings and variant spellings of your search terms.
  • Conduct a 'Boolean search', which allows you to perform searches using Boolean operators, eg combining search terms with AND. (Further information is available on constructing search strings in the using electronic resources section of the tutorial)
  • Limit the search by restricting the date range.
  • Use quotation marks (eg "foreign policy") to search for those words as a specific phrase.

The results list

After performing your search, the results list of brief records will be displayed:

Results list screen in UKOP

You can click on the item in which you are interested to retrieve the full bibliographic record. This is necessary to obtain information, such as the paper number, which will then enable you to find the publication within the library.

Please note that if you email the results to yourself you will only receive the brief records, which lack some of the important bibliographic information.

The full bibliographic record

Full bibliographic record  in UKOP

If you want to find this publication in a library you will need to make a note of the information contained in the 'Series reference' line. In this particular example, the item is a House of Commons Paper, number 441-II, from session 2003-04.

If you are using Government Publications within Senate House Library then look at Locating Government Publications within Senate House Library.

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