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The title or subject of a Government report will not normally be sufficient information to locate the item within a library. You will usually need to obtain the full bibliographic reference for the Government documents you require.

You can use the following electronic tools to obtain the bibliographic references of government publications, follow the links below for further information about how to use these particular databases:

After obtaining the full bibliographic reference, you then need to locate the publication within the library. Within the University of London, Senate House Library holds a comprehensive set of parliamentary papers from 1801 onwards (some from the first half of the nineteenth century may be on microfiche) and non-parliamentary papers from 1971-2001. If you are using Government Publications within Senate House Library then look at Locating Government Publications within Senate House Library.

It is possible to obtain the full text of some more recent Government documents on the web, this is examined in more detail on the following page.

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