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Database results

Make a list of the results you are interested in

Once you have conducted a search on a database, a list of titles from the database that match your search criteria will be returned. There will usually be an option for you to page through the list of titles and view the abstracts if available. You should be able to select the best records in order to compile a separate list of relevant results to print, save or email.

Look out for an option next to the individual records to mark, select, add to a folder or tick a box. After you have gone through the list making your selections you should then have the option to show all records on the 'marked list'.

This example taken from the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) demonstrates how to mark a record for inclusion in the list. By using the menu on the left it is possible to 'display current list' and 'display marked list'.

List of results from the IBSS database

In this database it is also possible to view an abstract and the full text of these particular works.

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