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This tutorial is freely available for anyone to use and does not require you to login. You can use this tutorial in different ways:
  • Access training in all the library research skills covered here, or all the skills in one particular module, by using the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the screen to work through the tutorial sequentially.
  • Access training in any of the particular areas covered by the tutorial by using the menu on the left to go directly to the section of interest.
  • Access training in a specific subject by using the site map.

The first time you use this tutorial you will find it useful to look at 'the library research process' as this outlines the different elements of the research process and how you can use the tutorial to learn about them.

The tutorial includes:

  • Key points pages that outline the basic facts to remember within each module.
  • Opportunities to practice skills such as searching, these open in a new window.
  • Many links to further sources of information and to other institutions and libraries that may be useful during your research have been provided. Every effort has been made to ensure that only links to authoritative, official and academic websites are included, although the University of London cannot be held responsible for the content of these external websites.

You can return to this tutorial as many times as you want to, you may wish to investigate areas further by following links, or simply to check the information when you really need it, for example while finalising your bibliography. An easily downloadable guide is available to help you use this tutorial, which you may want to print out and consult.


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Further information is available about the project which created this tutorial.

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