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Referencing & Bibliography

Referencing & Bibliography

This module of the tutorial explains how to correctly cite (reference) the sources you have used in your research and how to compile a thorough, well-structured bibliography. These skills are essential to successful research, whether you are writing an essay or a PhD thesis it is vital that you do not plagiarise the work of other writers.

This module will help you to:

  • correctly cite the sources you have consulted, whatever their format
  • understand the most widely-used different systems of citation
  • compile a well-structured bibliography
  • effectively utilise the software available to help with referencing and bibliography

Many academic departments or universities provide their own guidance or specify which system of citation and bibliography you must use in your academic writing. Others may just insist on consistency. It is important that you use the information provided here in conjunction with any guidance provided by your department. If in doubt, consult your academic tutor or supervisor.

It should take you approximately 30 minutes to work through the whole of this module.

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