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Selecting bibliographic software

This page provides advice on how to select and obtain bibliographic software to help you with your research. Ideally you should decide whether to use software for referencing, and select a system, at the start of your research. This will save you having to copy data across later in your research.

There are a number of factors which you should consider when choosing software, such as:

  • institutional support available
  • your own confidence in using databases
  • and the resources available to you

Below is a downloadable checklist of the main issues to consider when selecting bibliographic software.
Download the checklist (This is a pdf file, follow this link for further information on pdf files).

Other students and staff in your department may be able to give you advice based on their own experience of using bibliographic software. Remember, using any new software will require an initial investment of time.

Your department or university may have bibliographic software running on its network. Alternatively, they may be able to offer free or discounted software to research students. You should ask about what is available.

If you are thinking about buying the software yourself remember that you can usually find a free trial version of the software online, and if you are a student registered at a university you will very likely be entitled to a significant discount (as much as 75% off the commercial price). The 'further information' page of this section provides locations for trial downloads, and software sellers.

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