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Referencing & Bibliography

What bibliographic software does

There are two main advantages to using software to manage your references. First, the use of a database encourages consistency and prompts you to record all the information that you will need later on in your research. Second, most programmes can interact with word processing software to automate the inclusion of references and composition of a bibliography.

Not all programmes work in the same way or provide the same features but they usually offer some or all of the following:

  • Provide a series of templates to allow recording of information from all the types of material that you have used
  • Have a choice of styles by which you can format your references for citation and bibliographies
  • Enable the recording of additional information, such as notes about the works
  • Provide options to sort and re-sort your references
  • Allow searching of your database of references
  • Interact with online catalogues and databases to enable automated copying (downloading) of references which you want to keep
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