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Referencing & Bibliography

Software for bibliography


This section of the tutorial introduces bibliographic software programmes such as EndNote or Procite. This software can be used to manage the references you make note of during your research and to compile bibliographies and add citations to your written work. The previous sections of this tutorial outline the general principles of citing references and compiling a bibliography.

By working through the following pages you will:

  • find out the ways in which using bibliographic software can aid your research
  • find out which type of software best suits you
  • understand how references are structured and recognised within a database
  • consider how to best use bibliographic software during your research

There are now several software products available so the following pages will not provide specific details on how to use a particular programme. However you can find a list of specific training guides on the 'further information' page of this section. Your institution may also provide training, for example the School of Advanced Study runs a training session on EndNote each year.

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