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Using Libraries

Inter-library loan

If you require items such as books, theses or journal articles that are not held by your home library you should first check if they are available in any other library that you are able to access. For further information on how to do this see the 'planning library visits' section of this tutorial.

Inter-library loan

If you are still unable to access the item it may be possible for your home library to obtain a book or a photocopy of a journal article for you, through the inter-library loan system. You will usually need to provide as much bibliographic information as possible about the item and details of where you obtained this information. You should also allow plenty of time. This service varies between libraries and there is sometimes a charge so it is advisable to enquire at your home library for full details.

Specific information is available about the inter-library loan service offered by Senate House Library.

Document delivery

If you do not have access to an inter-library loan service then you may want to try a document delivery service such as that offered by the British Library. This can often be a quick and easy way to obtain documents such as journal articles, but it will usually be more expensive than using an inter-library loan service.

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