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Results lists

If your search has returned more than one record you will be presented with a list of possible matches for your search. Select an individual record (normally by clicking on the record title or number) to retrieve the full information. Many catalogues allow sorting of this browse list on data elements in each record, eg publication date, material type or by the relevance of the results.

In this example below from the ULRLS catalogue you can see a brief summary of each record (in this case only the title is displayed) and a link to the full record.

Screenshot of the ULRLS catalogue results list

Sorting and limiting

At the browse screen level it is common to have sorting and/or limiting options where the list of records can be re-ordered according to different fields in each record or limited according to the same criteria.

Exporting and saving

It may also be possible at the browse level to select multiple records to export to an email account or save locally. Normally records are selected by ticking a box next to the record. Downloading is usually performed by clicking on a Save or Export button. You may be asked which format you wish to store the records in; a text file will be the most compatible format to save your records. Finally, you may be given a choice of export location eg, email account or computer drive.

This option may also be available at the level of the individual catalogue record.

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