Library Research Skills Tutorial About the tutorial

About the tutorial

The ORST project

The Online Research Skills Training (ORST) project which created this tutorial was funded by the Vice-Chancellor's Development Fund, University of London. The project ran from December 2003 until November 2004 and the tutorial was first launched in November 2004.

The people involved

A whole range of people were involved in a variety of ways in creating this tutorial. The project team comprised of Sarah Burn (Project Officer) and Sally Chambers (Project Manager), and the design work was undertaken by John Moore, all of whom are employed by the University of London Research Library Services. The content was created as a result of a collaboration by staff with the relevant expertise from across the University of London.

Please email if you wish to contact staff at the University of London about this project. If you have any suggestions or comments about the tutorial, please use this feedback form.


This information contained in this tutorial is intended as general advice and guidance about conducting library-based research. It does not constitute legal advice or university regulations. The University of London can not accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of acting upon information provided here. To find out more about specific regulations such as examination rules you should consult the handbook or website of your home institution.

Information is available about using this tutorial if you would like help in this area and there is an easily downloadable guide which you may want to print out and consult.

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